Membership Overview

GSAEC membership is encouraged and available for academic institutions, individuals and students. Initial projects involve establishing a consensus on the knowledge base for executive and organizational coaching, and defining curricula standards for graduate academic courses and programs. GSAEC also links with and exchanges knowledge and experience with similar academic standard-setting organizations for executive and organizational coaching around the globe.

Why do graduate institutions join GSAEC? Some of the key motives and benefits include:

  • To help legitimize coaching within the institution and with other academics.
  • To develop and establish academic standards for coach education.
  • To collaborate and share ideas about best practices in executive, organizational, and leadership coaching.
  • To co-create the future of graduate-level coaching.
  • To develop and enjoy the synergistic impact of sharing resources among institutions.
  • To engage in research regarding the development of coaches, the practice of coaching, and the discipline of the field of coaching studies.
  • To make linkages throughout the world.

GSAEC Members

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