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core values & mission

GSAEC values the advancement of academic rigor in coaching research and education, the development and promotion of community among its members, the advancement of the integrity of the field of coaching and the continued progression of knowledge creation.


GSAEC’s mission is to define, advance and sustain graduate-level research and education in coaching globally by: 

  • Establishing and advocating academic standards that shape the discipline of coaching;
  • Inviting research activities that enhance the quality and effectiveness of the coaching profession;
  • Building and supporting a collaborative community of leaders in coach education, research, and practice; and
  • Championing, promoting, and amplifying the influence and impact of professional coach education.

What is GSAEC's value to...?

Academic Institutions?

GSAEC's establishes and advocates for standards in coaching education, helping academic institutions shape the discipline of coaching. By inviting research and promoting a common knowledge base, GSAEC ensures that institutions can provide high-quality graduate-level education in coaching, enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of their coaching education. Academic institutions can join as members and can also choose to apply for institutional recognition.

Coach Educators?

GSAEC's initiatives help educators be current in educational theory, research, and practice. By providing academic standards and inviting research, GSAEC supports coach educators in delivering quality education to coaching students. It also fosters a collaborative community, which enhances educators' professional development.

Professional Coaches?

Coaches benefit from GSAEC's work as it champions the integrity of the coaching profession. GSAEC's standards and advocacy ensure that coaches have access to a well-defined and respected field, which increases their credibility and effectiveness as academically educated coaches. It also offers opportunities for continuing professional education and staying informed about the developments in coaching.


GSAEC's efforts support students pursuing graduate-level education in coaching. It defines and sustains research and education standards, ensuring that students receive a quality education that prepares them to excel in the coaching profession. GSAEC also provides a supportive community for students to engage in knowledge sharing and networking.


The responsibility of coach educators is to develop and maintain currency in educational theory, research, and practice. Advances in the field of adult education have been important to the development of coaching, especially executive, managerial, leadership, and corporate coaching out of which GSAEC was formed. Staying up-to-date on this research as well as research currents in psychology, wellness, philosophy, mindfulness, neuroscience, systems theory, and others is a duty that uniquely falls to graduate schools. This responsibility goes beyond any single approach to coaching and undoubtedly holds the key to the long-term future of the discipline.

An additional responsibility of coach educators is to provide the highest-quality education and training for our coaching students.

Finally, it is our responsibility to help our coaching students utilize the best educational principles when they are called upon to facilitate learning for their clients, whether they are individuals, groups, teams, or organizations.

GSAEC supports institutions and individuals in fulfilling these responsibilities by providing standards for coach education, and the means for institutions to implement them, as well as hosting summits, conferences and additional member engagement opportunities for sharing and producing knowledge in our field.


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