An association of institutional, individual, and student members that leads the way to strengthen the discipline and practice of coaching through quality graduate-level education and research.

A Warm Welcome to GSAEC - from the Leadership Team:

The Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) exists to support the institutions and individuals who provide coach education at the graduate level.


The first responsibility of coach educators is to develop and maintain currency in educational theory, research, and practice. Advances in the field of adult education have been important to the development of coaching, especially executive, managerial, leadership, and corporate coaching out of which GSAEC was formed. Acknowledging and refreshing those sources, plus currents from psychology, wellness, philosophy, mindfulness, neuroscience, systems theory, and others as coaching theory further develops, is a duty that uniquely falls to graduate schools. This responsibility goes beyond any single approach to coaching and undoubtedly holds the key to the long-term future of the discipline.

The second, very obvious responsibility of coach educators is to provide the highest-quality education and training for our coaching students.

Finally, it is our responsibility to help our coaching students utilize the best educational principles when they are called upon to facilitate learning for their clients, whether they are individuals, groups, teams, or organizations.

GSAEC supports institutions and individuals to fulfill these responsibilities by providing standards for coach education; the means for institutions to compare their programs to those standards; conferences to bring together coaching theory, research, education, and skills training; and opportunities for collegial sharing.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this important work. See Membership to find out how.

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    • Papers from our 2017 conference presenters were featured in the Philosophy of Coaching, November 2017 Issue -- read it HERE