Institutional Membership Application

Eligibility Criteria

To be accepted for full voting membership in the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC), an institution or department must:

1. Fulfill criteria for membership as stated in Article III, Section 1 of the GSAEC Bylaws: "Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to regionally accredited universities, colleges, graduate schools and/or to departments of such institutions that support the mission and purpose of the Alliance."
2. Offer an executive/organizational/leadership coaching program (degree, certificate, or courses) based upon an academically-recognized body of knowledge that is non-proprietary in nature.
3. Abide by the bylaws and standards of GSAEC.
4. Pay annual Institutional Membership dues as set by the GSAEC Board of Directors.
5. Update contact information and submit with payment annually.

Institutional Member Application AND Renewal Form