Research Overview

GSAEC Research and Scholarship

Academic Guidelines Distribution Project

2006: This pilot project identified 123 independent universities in the US with coaching programs. The Pilot Project Final Report is available here.

2007: GSAEC received a grant from the Foundation of Coaching to study coaching as an academic discipline by identifying a shared body of knowledge within the community. The project builds on the 2006 pilot project by expanding the identification of academic institutions in the US, and by including those in Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The Research Project Final Report describing more than 200 programs and the curriculum is available here.

The Global Database of Coaching Programs and Curriculum is located here.

Research and Scholarship by GSAEC Members


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Journal Articles

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Academic Presentations

Maltbia, T., Prior, D.M. (2012) Action Learning Conversations - A Protocol for Group Coach Supervision (Overview and Demonstration). Presented at the 2nd International Conference in Coaching Supervision, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, June 23

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