2nd International GSAEC Conference

Welcome & introduction Linda Page & Laura HauserĀ ; CPI international Sponsorship

Paper: Looking back so that we can move the practice of coaching forward Derek Stec

Part 1: Awareness and Management of Self

Workshop: The merits of "Real plays" versus Role plays in coaching education Melvin Smith

Paper session: Embracing the complexity of self in coaching education

  • Paper: Managing self, coaching another: how coaches express warmth and competence with their clients Jenna Brubaker
  • Paper: Digital portfolios in coach education Michelle Albaugh
  • Paper: What can a family systems therapeutic framework tell us how to effectively frame powerful questions Laura Hauser
  • Paper: Examining racial bias in coaching: Are coaches less effective when working with clients of color? Ariel Bernstein

Workshop: Leveraging the dynamics of challenge and support for high performance David Prior

Part 2: Awareness and Integration of Self, Client & Context

Workshop: Understanding transformational learning in coaching engagements Robert Barner

Paper: A presentation of an overarching theory for coach education based on research of the coaching client's lived experience of coaching Natalie Cunningham

Panel: It takes three to tango: Negotiating the complexities of the organizational context in coaching education Pauline Fatien, Ken Otter, Paul Stokes & Lucy Van Hove

Wrap-up & perspectives