3rd International Conference on Graduate Coaching Education: Theory, Research, and Practice

Agenda Overview


Day One

Friday, June 7
Program: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EDT
Dinner: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm EDT

Welcome by GSAEC’s president, Laura Hauser (Fielding Graduate University)


Keynote Tatiana Bachkirova (Oxford Brookes University)
Philosophical Pragmatism as a Helping Hand for Current Challenges In the Education of Coaches
Philosophical Pragmatism as a Helping Hand for Current Challenges In the Education of Coaches

Learn more about Dr. Bachkirova and the keynote
Read Dr. Bachkirova's Article in Academy of Management Learning and Education (May 2018)

Session 1:  Developing Presence to the Other in Coaching & Coaching Education 

Facilitated by Linda Page 
(Adler Graduate Professional School)

Ariel Finch Bernstein (Columbia University, Teacher's College)
Race Matters in Coaching: An Examination of Coaches’ Willingness to Have Difficult Conversations with Leaders of Color 

Suzanne Boulos and Susan Ennis (William James College)
Coaching at the Deep End of the Pool: How an Intensive Fifteen Week, Highly Supervised Coaching Practicum Synthesizes the Students’ Learning, Supports Diversity, and Promotes Social Justice 

Julian Humphreys (Julian Humphries Executive and Leadership Coaching)
A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Coaching Presence: Freud, Klein and Bion

Session 2:  Panel “Educating to Ethics in Coaching”

Moderated by Kent Blumberg 
(University of Phoenix)

Alejandra Pallamar, Boston College

David Prior, Columbia University, Teacher's College

Charline Russo, University of Pennsylvania

Melvin Smith, Case Western Reserve University

Session 3:  Developmental Workshops

Ken Giglio (Mindful Leadership Consulting), Lynne De Lay (One World Leaders), and Krister Lowe (Team Coaching Zone)
Three Lenses for Coaching Supervision: Developing a Reflective Practice for Coaches 

Claudia Tordini (Appanage Group)
Art And Creativity – Bridging the Gap Between Coaching Theory and Experience 

Session 4:  Approaches to Coach Education and Coaching in Education

Facilitated by Terry Maltbia 
(Columbia University, Teacher's College)

Gordon Medlock (Wright Graduate University)
Emergence Coaching: An Integrative Paradigm for Facilitating Authentic Self-Emergence 

Jenifer Renshaw (Kennesaw State University)
Reimagining a Coach Education Program Using the Play-Practice-Purpose Process 

Helene Seiler (Helsei Consulting)
Using Client Feedback to Develop the Executive Coach: Opportunities and Challenges

Madona Giorgadze (llia State University, Caucasus University)
Prospects of Coaching in Academic Disciplines: A Case of Teaching Academic Writing at Higher Education Institutes of Georgia 


Day Two

Saturday, June 8
Program: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm EDT

Session 5: Educating to Coaching – A Team Focus

Facilitated by Mike Zwell 
(Wright Graduate University)

Alexandra Barosa Pereira (ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)
Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes

Erek Ostrowski (Verve Coaching)
Using Group Coaching to Foster Critical Reflection and Learning in an MBA Classroom

Erica Wexler (University of Pennsylvania)
The Power Of Strengths-Based Teams. A Coaching Model For Building Team Cohesion, Enhancing Team Collaboration, and Boosting Team Effectiveness

Session 6: Educating to Coaching – The Organization in Mind

Facilitated by Melvin Smith 
(Case Western Reserve University)

Natalie Cunningham (Origo Consultants)
Using Group Coaching to Change Organisational Culture: How Do Practice, Theory and Coach Education Align with Coaching as an Organizational Development Tool

Anuradha Phase (Thomas Jefferson University)
‘Catch Them Young’ Empowering Young Leaders Through Integrated Coaching and New Manager Program: Preliminary Findings

Amrita Subramanian (University of Pennsylvania)
Executive Coaching: Experiences with Otherness and Racial and Gendered Perspective Via Erotic Transference & Self as an Instrument

Closing the Loop

Tatiana Bachkirova (Oxford Brookes University)
Conference Themes and Implications

Closing Remarks
Laura Hauser (Fielding Graduate University)
Opportunities for Continuing to Shape the Future of Coach Education Together

For additional information about the Conference, please visit the Conference webpage, or contact us at conference@gsaec.org with any questions.

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