Academic Programs

GSAEC is proud to build upon the established history of coaching and advance the education of professional coaching into a new intellectual frontier. Toward this end, GSAEC has established Academic Standards and a process for qualified graduate-level programs to undergo a Peer Review based upon the new Academic Standards.

History: Coaching Coming of Age

This brief article provides a history of coach education, the creation of GSAEC, and a high-level structure of existing Academic Standards: Click Here for Article

A New Intellectual Frontier: GSAEC Academic Standards Summary

This summary highlights GSAEC’s updated Academic Standards, reflecting the significant advancements made in coaching education since standards were first established. GSAEC’s revised standards serve as the basis for our key initiatives, including the ongoing development of resources for members. Click Here for Summary

 Academic Program: Peer Review

GSAEC offers an opportunity for qualified graduate-level programs to undergo a Peer Review, in alignment with the revised Academic Standards. Click Here for GSAEC Peer Review Application Process Flow Chart