Academic Program Review


Thank you for your interest in having GSAEC review your coaching program.

GSAEC offers the opportunity for qualified graduate-level programs to undergo a Peer Review based on a comprehensive set of academic standards developed by GSAEC, grounded in current theory and research, to support the quality and consistency of programs in professional coaching.

We have outlined the process you need to follow, along with detailed steps, in order to make this as easy as possible. Each step hyperlinks to the page or website location that has further detail, if needed.

The visual for the peer review process is also below, and the steps we outline will refer to a relevant section of the visual.



Please follow the steps below in the Process:

If at any point you encounter difficulty, email us at

Step 1:  You must be a current GSAEC Institutional member to begin the Program Review process. Verify your GSAEC Institutional membership status here.

Step 2: Preview the Peer Review Eligibility and Application form here in order to decide if you fit the eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Complete the web form of the Eligibility and Application Form here. This will include a step for application fee payment through PayPal.

You will hear from the Peer Review Committee within 10 business days if you are eligible for the peer review program.

Once you are approved for Program Review, the committee will assign your program a liaison, set up a project-specific contact email address and a secure project page and send you the secure project URL. You will be notified of this by email.

Step 4: Once you have received approval, you will be prompted to click on the unique URL of your secure project page on the GSAEC website and download the Program Review and Self-Study Guide and rubric. Having viewed the Self-Study requirements, you will be required to make a payment, through Paypal, for the full Peer Review fee (contact for pricing). You will also at this point be assigned an account for a secure data storage facility called Tresorit.

Step 5:  At this stage, you should prepare your submission according to the Self-Study Guide. Upload any supporting documentation that you make reference to in your self study submission, onto Tresorit.

Step 6: Submit your Self-Study.

You will receive an invitation to a Virtual Site Visit with Peer Review Panel within 60 days of your Self-Study submission.

Step 7: Please prepare for this virtual site visit by following the guidelines and instructions on your project page.

Step 8: In order to conduct the virtual site visit, you will also need to have installed a video conferencing application called ‘Zoom’, which is an easy and small download. You can get this for free here:

Step 9:  Participate in Virtual Site Visit with Peer Review Panel

You will receive a report on findings from the Peer Review Panel within 6 weeks.

Step 10:  Submit revisions as required by the Peer Review Panel within 30 days .

The peer review panel will then submit a recommendation to the GSAEC Board of Directors who will determine whether to approve or deny your application in relation to your program’s compliance with the Academic Standards. This will occur at its next quarterly board meeting and response times will be sent to you by email.